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The Zombie Judgment
OK so you have a judgment which you think is dead and buried and can't be resurrected. Our Zombie Judgment service is perfect to give you a second, third or whatever chance to get back what you are owed on a judgment debt less than 6 years old.

There are a couple of things to watch out for.

Firstly we prefer to treat judgments which are over £600 in value . Second ly we can't do as much as we would like with judgments which are regulated under the Consumer Credit Act. We do have solutions for these types of judgments so by all means fill in our online instruction form - but just bear in mind you can't use the services of a High Court Enforcement Agent on these judgments.

To give us all the information we need just click on our Instruction Form to transfer your Zombie Judgment to us. We will ask you to register as a client first, so please do that (unless you are already a client of Shergroup), and then you will access our online form section. Take all the information from your county court judgment and when you have finished press the submit button. At this point you can pay the court fee to transfer the judgment to the High Court, or you can wait and pay later by using the "pay by cheque" option.

When you send the information we starting processing it straightaway. And once we have your online form we can apply to the county court for a certificate to confirm the amount of your judgment. If you have received any credits you need to tell us about them please.

While we wait for the county court to come back with the certificate we are going to put your Zombie Judgment through additional checks to see if we can get a heart beat!

We are going to trace your debtor and we are going to match it against our insolvency database to see what else we can find out about your debtor and whether there is a chance of a recovery.

If we think it's a waste of time to send out the High Court Enforcement Agents we are going to tell you and refund any court fee you paid us. But if we think there is something we can do we are going to work with you to issue a Writ of Control for a judgment which is over £600 in value and which isn't regulated under the Consumer Credit Act. We have to keep reminding you of that!

But even if we recommend that the judgment doesn't have much life left in it - we can refer judgments and situations to our resident Insolvency Practitioner to get one further opinion - all at no cost to you - and as part of our creditor services.

If we recommend issuing a High Court Writ of Control your investment is £60 to seal the High Court Writ and the possibility of paying the High Court Enforcement Agent's compliance fee of £75.00 plus VAT (making a total of £150.00 in total). When making your decision remember if your debtor pays the High Court Enforcement Agent, then the court fee will be paid back to you and you will not be required to make any further payment to us.

If you need more information you can contact us on

0845 890 9200

or send us an email to enquiries@shergroup.net and just quote "zombie" to get our special Halloween treatment!

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