About Shergroup high court enforcement officers

Do you have a county court judgment that you just can't seem to turn into cash? Have your tried instructing bailiffs or high court enforcement officers without any success? If so, you might be experiencing the impact of a 'zombie judgment'!

A zombie judgment is a judgment that just sits on your ledger and won't turn itself into cash. It just seems completely dead and buried.

So here at Shergroup Enforcement we offer you a range of solutions to resurrect your judgment and stop it being more like the walking dead.

We can pursue zombie judgments anywhere in the UK and across the world because these days zombies seem to be everywhere!

So instead of letting a zombie judgment suck the blood out of your cash flow let us give your judgment a pulse!

For a no-obligation chat on our "resurrection" services on what we can do with any type of court judgment either in your favour, or against you or your business, talk to our Business Solutions Advisors today on

0845 890 9200
Just quote "zombie" - we dare you!

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