Shergroup High Court Enforcement Company in England and Wales

Shergroup is a company with its roots in the past but focusing firmly on the future. Led by Chief Executive, Claire Sandbrook, (named one of the Top 100 Credit Industry Personalities in 2008, 2009, and 2010), Shergroup is dedicated to offering a variety of outsourced business services to clients across the world.
The company has more than 100 staff in the offices located in the US, UK and India which work as a global team to deliver solutions in various ways to the diverse client base of the Group.
The Shergroup TEAM prides itself on the team's excellent reputation, credibility and expertise which business owners, government departments, lawyers, credit professionals, lending institutions and a range of other professionals look for in professional providers.
Shergroup dates back to 1780 and was created by one Joseph Burchell, an Under Sheriff for the county of Middlesex. Years later the Burchell family joined the Ruston's, and the law firm of Burchell & Ruston practiced law in the Temple, being the fountain of legal wisdom in the City of London.
As times changed the law partnership was modernized in 2004 to coincide with a change in the law of enforcement in England and Wales, and the business was incorporated in 2007 into Shergroup Limited.
Claire Sandbrook, as CEO, is a qualified lawyer of over 20 years and author of many books on enforcing judgments. Rather uniquely she was the first ever woman Under Sheriff of a county, being Surrey, holding the position for seven years until 2005.
The idea to create a security division was as a result of seeing a niche in the market to support enforcement officers when enforcing a High Court order for possession.
For the purposes of the UK Business Names Act 1984, please note that Shergroup Limited has its registered office at Shergroup Limited, 1 Fetter Lane, London, United Kingdom, EC4A 1BR and is registered under Company Registration Number 4771589.
Shergroup Limited owns and operates Sherbond Limited, Shercurity Limited, Shergroup India Pvt Limited and Shergroup USA, LLC. For more information about these companies please send us an email at
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