Client Vibe 2011 Archive
  • Testimonial From Our Client – Bray & Bray Solicitors – May 2011
    I am writing to thank you for the excellent service provided recently in respect of the enforcement of a Judgement obtained by my client.

    I was extremely pleased with the speed and the efficiency of your service but more particularly with the professional matter in which the enforcement was carried out. The Defendant attempted to derail the enforcement process in a number of ways but your High Court Enforcement Officers held firm and secured full payment of the Judgement debt together with all costs.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Sherforce.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – 1st Choice Claims – February 2011
    I would like to thank you for the prompt, professional service I received from Sherforce. It exceeded all my expectations. The recovery of a large sum of money was handled quickly and efficiently.

    Each time I called (which I did not have to often as I was kept informed through every phase) your staff was courteous and very helpful.

    I cannot praise your company enough.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – Linda Hill – February 2011
    I just want to say thank you so much for assisting me and successfully recovering the money on my behalf.

    The customer service your team provided throughout the process was superb.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – Kuddus Solicitors – January 2011
    Sherforce have been extremely efficient in recovering money from the debtors, they were fast and helpful.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – Brentwood Borough Council – January 2011
    This has been paid in full. It was a particularly hard debt and one I took a great interest in… Sherforce has done the business here! Great job all round and thank you to al of your colleagues who had any input whatsoever in the recovery of this debt!!!
  • Testimonial From Our Client – Dr R Hanna – January 2011
    The services provided were excellent, efficient and super. Our case was a difficult one and the defendant tried all the tricks in the book but Shergroup were the incredible professionals we needed. They knew the details of how the job should be done. In a very short time they handled all the matters in a precise manner to apply justice for their client and the public in general. I highly recommend them to any one. Their phone number is top on my list now. Special Thanks to Raz who was handling our case and the style in which she organized the whole complicated operation…. WELL DONE TO ALL INVOLVED HIGHLY APPRECIATED BY ALL OF US IN RETAIL SHOP-FITTINGS. BIG ..BIG.. THANK YOU.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – John M (Officer H M Forces) – January 2011
    I was both delighted, and surprised that Sherlock successfully managed to trace an individual who, 3 years ago had retired to Spain and subsequently disappeared; even to the extent that his last employers were unable to forward my mail to him. My surprise was solely due to the extremely limited information that I could provide to Sherlock as a starting point. In truth, I fully expected them to draw a blank, but even that was a hoop that I needed to follow for legal reasons. However, within a month they have provided me with a valid address, phone number and e-mail address and I have re-established contact, thereby saving me some considerable legal expenses.

    I am grateful to Sherlock for achieving a seemingly impossible task in quick time, and I would strongly recommend their services to anyone.
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