Client Vibe 2007 Archive
  • Testimonial From Our Client – Sternberg Reed – February 2007
    Thank you all for the very warm welcome you gave my team. It was fun to meet everyone at Shergroup. Your new HQ does you proud and reflects both the high standards you have set and maintained and the very caring and friendly atmosphere that pervades all your efforts.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – P. Baker – February 2007
    Once again, I thank Sherforce for working this through. This is my third attempt to claim this money. Third time lucky, as someone said. But the luck was having applied through Sherforce.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – A. Harris – February 2007
    My thanks to everyone who has been involved in this – a very difficult situation has been handled with great professionalism, and the potential for a great deal of unpleasantness, violence and bad publicity has been avoided.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – PRS – June 2007
    We recently employed the facilities of Sherforce and would like to bring to your attention the outstanding service that we received.

    Being in the service industry ourselves, we are all too aware of how quick people are to complain but never praise when it is due; in our experience we feel that praise is richly deserved on this occasion and hope that you will pass on our comments and recognition to your team.

    From our very first contact with your company, we have been treated with understanding, professionalism and above all as human beings in a stressful situation rather than just a number on a database. We cannot express enough how this has assisted us. Your team works cohesively, informatively and always, always fulfills their promises from simply returning a phone call to offering valuable advice at times when we didn’t fully understand a process. They are amazing ambassadors for your organisation.

    We are able to genuinely state that we would, without question, recommend your company to others and have posted your details on our website. Please accept our grateful thanks again, it was a pleasure working with Sherforce.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – FDC Law – July 2007
    I have found the service of Shergroup to be excellent. I was particularly impressed by the patience that I was given when asking perhaps what seemed to be very basic questions at the telephone. I was finding my way as a Fee Earner returning to this kind of work after such a long time and, of course, as Fee Earners in Firms of Solicitors are expected to know everything, I am sure some of my questions were a little tedious at times, but never was I made to feel that way. The staff are excellent, particularly those who answer telephone queries.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – Jakes Propert – September 2007
    I have just had a look at the online case management system and wow, what a refreshing change from my previous miserable experience of County Court enforcement where it is virtually impossible to find out what (if anything) is going on.
  • Testimonial From Our Client – Kingston Collections – October 2007
    I just want to thank you so much for your effort in obtaining seizure of goods to be sold from the above debtor. This debtor has caused so much distress to my client and they are glad that this problem will finally be resolved. Thank you once again.
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