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Did you realise you can revive old debts and judgments with specialist debt "shock" treatment?

Instead of saying goodbye to hard earned cash we can help you collect in your tough debts using a variety of solutions which are using old methods in new ways.
  • For dead debts - they can become cash in the bank if you revisit the assets of your debtor, or consider insolvency proceedings or even just pick up the phone and ask for the money
  • For old judgments - they become enforceable using a combination of enforcement strategies
  • Debts which look like they suffered an insolvency can turn into cash with a fresh pair of eyes looking at the assets
  • Charging Orders that are still waiting to be turned into cash can be liquidated using our special pain relief - call us to find out what this is!
  • Foreign debts get a pulse using our global network of tracing agents, collectors, attorneys and enforcement professionals
And if you don't see what you need from this list, call us and have a free no-obligation chat on your next option. Our Business Solution Advisors are waiting for your call on

0845 890 9200
We look forward to helping you get back your cash!

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