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Max Your Cash For Christmas

Great - so here are our simple ideas to help you Max Your Cash before the end of the year.

1. SIMPLE COLLECTION | Pick your biggest invoices that need paying before the middle of December and outsource your collection to us - our credit controllers are waiting to Max Your Cash and can start work for you today. We charge 15% commission and we like a challenge!

2. ESCALATE TO LEGAL | Pick your largest unpaid invoice over 60 days and send a pre-legal letter warning that if you are not paid you will be issuing a county court claim so you can Max Your Cash - you just need to give your customer 7 days before you issue a claim and you could have judgment in as little as 16 days.

3. USE A STAT DEMAND | For stubborn customers who won't talk to you send them a stat demand and wait for them to pay you within 21 days rather than risk an insolvency petition being served - not exactly filled with Christmas spirit but it helps you Max Your Cash!

4. WRITE BACK OLD INVOICES | We don't like writing invoices off so dig out your old debts (up to 6 years old), and even debts where your customer "went under" and let's see if we can help you Max The Cash! No promises but we have a few solutions up our sleeve to help you Max Your Cash - even if it seems hopeless!

5. TURN JUDGMENTS INTO CASH | Collect in unpaid County Court Judgments using our High Court Enforcement Agents across England and Wales and even beyond - we can help you Max Your Cash where other bailiffs have failed!

So don't delay - register with us now by visiting us online so our Business Solutions Advisors can guide you on your best strategy to Max Your Cash. And you can call all our Max's on
0845 890 9200
and we will happily guide you on how to Max Your Cash before 2015 comes to an end. Don't forget to quote Max My Cash when you call.

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