when you have squatters in your property?
At Shergroup Legal we know all about the cost of having squatters in your property and what it takes to remove them as quickly as the law allows.

So links to Shergroup's Enforcement's "Squatbusters" service can help you with either a complete package of services to manage your squatted property, or just the things you need...

For instance, If you already have your order for possession from the Court and it is against "Persons Unknown" you can use our online form to start off your enforcement process – click here to start your online process

Transfer your order for possession against your "Persons Unknown" with our easy to use Possession Order Instruction Form

But if you have just discovered you have squatters, travellers or other trespassers in your property or on your law and you need a complete legal service to get back possession, then use our CONTACT US form to tell us what you need and we will call you back to discuss your options.

And you can also call us on

+44 (845) 890 9200

to discuss your options today!