Claire Sandbrook High Court Writ, Sheriffs, High Court Writ Enforcement Services in UK

High Court Writ Enforcement

At Shergroup we have always believed passionately that High Court enforcement is the fastest and most effective form of enforcement in the UK and indeed is a world class system for enforcing the court's order or judgment.

Shergroup Enforcement is based on 200 years of heritage and is now an innovative business services group, with its enforcement division leading the way for new operational divisions such as outsourcing, security and revenue management.

What can Shergroup Enforcement do?

Based on the English common law, the Sheriffs or High Court Enforcement Officers as we are now called, have two ancient powers that stem back to the original Shire Reeves which date from 992 A.D.

Whilst Sheriffs have lost their power to raise an army, collect in tax, sit as Magistrates, or form a jury, the two powers left with them at the end of the 19th century were the enforcement of High Court Writs of Execution to recover money judgment and recover land from trespassers.

So when the process of recovering a debt has failed through traditional collection and legal systems, the end result is a judgment of the court which will need to be enforced if the judgment debtor does not pay the amount due. Alongside this important aspect of enforcement, Shergroup Enforcement also recovers land for claimants in possession actions and has built a successful business recovering possession and securing it to prevent trespassers re-entering.

In recent years our CEO, Claire Sandbrook, has used her expertise to negotiate with Government for the enforcement of Employment Tribunal and ACAS Awards in a clear process for those who have won awards against erstwhile employers.

It is the recovery of money judgments which is currently our most popular service and here we help professional advisors and lay clients to ensure that the judgment made by the Court is actually obeyed. This involves Ensuring the judgment is in the correct form for enforcement | attending the address where goods are believed to be present belonging to the debtor | gaining entry peacefully to either private or business premises | escalating our attendance to forced entry where goods are located and we cannot secure agreement to enter

We can help you today with your money judgment enforcement

We can start work for you today by simply asking you to give us the details from your court judgment, or Award on one of our online forms. These are designed to be easy to use, and you don't need to use a professional advisor. Just fill in the form using the help buttons if you get stuck. Once you press 'submit' our enforcement teams start the process of converting your judgment or order into a High Court Writ which our enforcement officers can then attend on. The aim is to get you your money as soon as possible, or at the very least get your debtor talking to us about their proposals for payment.

We also offer a service to 'recycle' a judgment so even if you have tried enforcement with another High Court Enforcement Officer, or county court bailiff, we can organise for the transfer of that judgment to our team for you so that we can follow on from where other's left off.

We are known for being 'firm yet fair' in our enforcement practices and if a member of the public needs to complain about us we will deal with that complaint in a transparent and lawful way as you would expect from officers of the High Court.

What we don't do is give in and if there are goods at the address we will want to see payment or a sensible offer leading to the creditor getting paid.

We also believe that escalating a money judgment to the removal of goods in the absence of any co-operation is necessary to achieve results from intransigent debtors who have never met enforcement officers of our caliber before.

And you can use our services to obtain a High Court Writ on any judgment which is capable of being transferred to the High Court if it is less than six years old without seeking any further permission from the Court. If you find your judgment is outside of six years old – again talk to us as it may be we can make an application to the Court which will still allow you to enforce your judgment – so never say never when it comes to using Sherforce Enforcement as your High Court Enforcement UK provider.

And even if the address you give us for your debtor turns out to be incorrect we have the capability to trace your debtor using our own tracing agency aptly named “Sherlock”.

A nationwide service

We recognize your debtor can go anywhere in the world when it comes to paying a court judgment so our services for enforcement cover the whole of the UK, Europe and we have strategic partnerships with enforcement professionals across the world.

Don't let geography put you off chasing your debtor somewhere outside of England and Wales!

Getting Started

To start using Shergroup Enforcement's great set of services all you have to do is follow a few basic points:

Step #1 - Select what service you want to use and choose one of our online forms

Recovery of Money Judgment including:
  • County Court judgment to High Court writ
  • High Court Judgment
  • Employment Tribunal Award
ACAS award or settlement (no minimum amount)
  • Recycled Judgment
  • Trace Debtor
Recovery of Land including:
  • County Court order for possession against 'Persons Unknown' into High Court Writ of Possession
  • County Court order for possession against former tenants into High Court Writ of Possession
  • High Court Order for Possession
  • Compulsory Purchase Order
  • Commercial Rent Forfeiture
  • Commercial Rent Distraint
Recovery of Specific Goods
  • County Court order for specific delivery or assessed value into High Court Writ of Delivery
  • Recovery of a specific item on behalf of the client
Step #2 – Obtain Your High Court Writ

Our process couldn't be easier! Whether you want to instruct us for one Writ or multiple judgments we make it easy. For single instructions register as a user on our website and just add the next judgment or order depending on the service you need. For multiple instructions request our standard instruction template from so we can give you a secure transfer option.

We manage the entire process for you of obtaining the Writ – your only initial cost is the £60.00 court fee which is paid to the Court on sealing the High Court Writ.

Step #3 - The Work of the Enforcement Officer

As soon as your High Court Writ is in our online system we begin the process of managing our officer's attendance.

Our service level is to attend within 5 working days of receiving the High Court Writ. We will attend at the debtor's address to take legal control of goods which are found to belong to the debtor. From April 2014 the rules on how we do this are being strengthened but as Shergroup Enforcement has such a strong operational process you can be sure that we will be looking to take control of the goods from the debtor and use our ultimate power of removal and sale in the absence of payment as leverage to get you paid.

However to begin with our enforcement officer will look to negotiate full payment with the debtor and obtain payment in full or a reasonable instalment plan all of which is done with our client's clear instructions.

Step #4 – The End Game

High Court Writ Enforcement gives you a chance to recover payment even from the most intransigent debtor. As High Court Sheriffs we were the GO TO people for commercial debt enforcement for nearly 1000 years.

Now using the power of a High Court Writ UK-wide you can get the same results from High Court Enforcement Officers.

We recover 90p plus in the pound on all enforceable Writs and we offer free tracing on every Writ before it goes to our local High Court Enforcement Officer to be worked.

We offer Award-winning teams who are friendly, conscientious and knowledgeable along with officers who do what it says on the tin – they enforce.

Our award-winning case management system is available on your desk, tablet or mobile and is free to users.

We provide fantastic monthly management information and we will talk to you about our results with account managers who are trained to understand what you need from a premier enforcement system.

And we pay out weekly and by BACs so the money is in your account sooner rather than later.

And if you don't see what you need - please tell us - as we pride ourselves on building our service on what you need rather than what we think you need!