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High Court Judgments Enforced

Whether it is a claim for costs, a claim for delivery of specific goods or their assessed value, or just a large judgment debt, Shergroup Enforcement has the reputation for dealing with some of the largest High Court judgments ever to be issued from the High Court in London.

We our service is the enforcement of High Court judgments UK-wide as we believe the enforcement of judgments is not unique to England and Wales.

We have forged strong links with our partners in Scotland and Northern Ireland to ensure any county court or High Court judgments sent to us for enforcement are carried out to the standard for which we are known. We are “firm yet fair” with the public and we will recommend the removal of goods if we think the case warrants it.

Whilst other High Court enforcement officers profess to remove this we know is something of a rarity and judgment creditors often come to us because they want their county court judgment enforced as if it were a High Court judgment.

The careers of our senior officers have seen them deal with complex issues involving recognition of foreign judgments, computation of fees and interest, interpleader proceedings, successful applications for private sales of goods, bill of sale, priority between competing creditors and claims that goods seized are exempt.

Our enforcement expertise has seen us handle goods as diverse as second hand office furniture through to the successful seizure and sale of commercial aircraft. We believe in using the seizure of goods to achieve leverage for the judgment creditor. We operate in strict adherence to the Civil Procedure Rules which control our actions as officers of the court.

With over 60 years of operational experience between the appointed High Court Enforcement Officers in Shergroup and a legal background stretching back to the days of Burchell & Ruston and beyond, Shergroup's heritage is second to none as an enforcement provider. Whether it be a Writ of Fieri Facias (Fi Fa), Writ of Possession, or Writ of Delivery, we have the infrastructure and experience to take control and deliver a first class enforcement service for our clients.

We also recognise that whilst we are passionate about what we do you may not be so familiar with our world and our paperwork. So please take advantage of what we do and talk to us about your next step. Whether it's preparing your paperwork, or checking with us what you have prepared so far, we will take a look for you and help you get it right.

And remember if you are issuing a Writ in any form you can address it to one of our experienced High Court Enforcement Officers including:
  • Claire Louise Sandbrook
  • David James Bennett Asker
To speak to one of our HCEOs or for more information on how you can use our expertise call our Business Solutions Team on

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