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High Court Enforcement Officers

Shergroup has the authority when formally appointed through a High Court Writ of Execution to enforce the requirements of certain court orders.

Members of our team are authorised by the Ministry of Justice through the Lord Chancellor's appointed person, to enforce:
  • Orders and judgments of the High Court
  • County Court Judgments over £600 in value which are not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended)
  • Employment Tribunal Awards
  • ACAS Settlement Awards
  • Compulsory Purchase Orders
  • County Court Possession Orders which are transferable to the High Court
Every judgment or order which is to be enforced by our High Court Enforcement Officers which is not issued by the High Court itself has to go through a "transfer procedure" to enable our High Court enforcement team to handle the enforcement process.

For over 15 years we have been transferring any judgment or order capable of being transferred from one court to another. We do so as part of our enforcement process and we manage the court process as agents for the judgment creditor or claimant. We offer online forms for every type of enforceable instruction – which are actioned as soon as they hit our inboxes. We also action hard copy instructions and faxes on the same day or next working day.

Our Award Winning Customer Solutions Team is on hand to support our users in the entire enforcement process. We provide our enforcement officers with online instructions as soon as the Writ to the High Court Enforcement Officer has been issued and our officers cover all 105 postcodes within England and Wales.

We manage our attendance times and service levels every single day to ensure each Writ is managed on a case by case basis and no instruction gets "left behind".

We are willing to act swiftly where required to maximize recovery by seizing goods (soon to be
Taking Control of Goods) and removing goods which are at risk of being removed.

We operate outside of normal working hours - what's normal to us is that we get the job done.

We manage the public and have a zero tolerance policy towards complaints. Naturally in a controversial area such as this complaints from the public are inevitable and we investigate each and every complaint to ensure the matter is concluded. In fact we are the only High Court Enforcement Officers to offer an online service to receive complaints and we maintain our statistics on complaints to ensure these are kept to a minimum.

Our firm but fair approach to the public and the skill of our enforcement officers means we often get results where others can't. We leave no stone unturned to get a result for our clients and we believe in being open and honest about the chances of recovery right from the start.

Our CEO, Claire Sandbrook is a High Court Enforcement Officer of nearly 10 years standing, and is a qualified solicitor. She is a leading expert on the law of enforcement, having written or co-authored on 9 of the leading texts on the subject. She is also our in-house solicitor as well as being the Director of Shergroup Legal which is a separate legal entity recognized by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

By instructing Shergroup Enforcement you will be engaging with enforcement experts who will use proven strategies to take legal control of goods and produce a cash result for you. Our resources extend to offering nationwide logistical support, online auctions, and we pride ourselves that nothing is too big for us to handle when it comes to enforcing the court’s order.

The costs of our services are capped for our clients at an initial investment of £60.00 for the court fee on a Writ of Fieri Facias and only a further £60.00 exposure to cost should all our efforts result in no recovery.

Where we are successful the £60.00 is recoverable as is interest at 8% on the value of the judgment from the time it is transferred to the High Court or the date of judgment if it is a High Court Writ to begin with.

In choosing Shergroup Enforcement Officers– we never forget you had a choice in your enforcement provider and that you will have a choice after we have completed your instruction. For that reason we work hard to make a difference to your experience of enforcement in the civil courts with good communication, a clear determination to get the best results for you with detailed online reports and maximum recovery.

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