Claire Sandbrook Enforcement of Employment Tribunal Awards, London Employment Tribunal

factsheet | enforcing Employment Tribunal and ACAS Awards

Employment Tribunal Awards and ACAS settlements can be enforced using the services of a High Court Enforcement Officer. If you have an Employment Tribunal Award or an ACAS settlement in your favour you can use Shergroup Enforcement’s online service to instruct a Shergroup Enforcement Agent to attend at the address of the losing party to enforce payment of the Award.

To take advantage of the scheme your award or settlement must be dated within the last 6 years – which runs from the date made on the Award itself.

We would recommend that you complete our form using the paperwork you have received from the Tribunal or ACAS. If you need assistance our Business Solutions Advisors are on hand to help you complete the forms which can be tricky!

To get started please click on the form that fits your form of Award below:

Please note that a fee is payable on receipt of these forms unless you qualify for an exemption.

If you want more information or to check out any details you can contact us on all our open channels
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