Claire Sandbrook
Commitment to the Environment
Shergroup Enforcement is committed to the adoption of environmentally responsible policies and practices, together with the reviews of both its performance and areas for further improvements in reducing our impact on the environment.
Our aims, through continuous TEAM awareness, are to create and maintain the highest levels of environmental responsibility. We are committed to reducing the adverse effects that we have on the environment.
Shergroup Enforcement maintains a fundamental belief in the importance of protecting the environment, and will take all necessary steps within its power to eliminate, or control, environmental hazards by:
  • Striving to adopt the highest possible environmental standards in all its operations, wherever these are located.
  • Aiming to use the most economical use of all materials, supplies and energy, using renewable or recycled materials wherever possible.
  • Minimising waste produced in all parts of the business, inclusion of recycled materials and the methods for environmentally acceptable disposal of materials as necessary.
  • We shall consistently comply with applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Encouraging employee involvement in positive environmental action.
  • Regularly assessing the environmental impact of all its operations.
All members of Shergroup, including TEAM members and sub-contractors have a responsibility towards the environment, in which they live and work, and a responsible attitude and commitment to the Company's objectives are expected.
Worried about travellers on your land?
At Shergroup our enforcement and security divisions have a wealth of experience to help you control who you want to come on to your land, and remove those that you don't.