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Factsheet | Enforcing a Money Judgment

If you have a money judgment from any court in England and Wales, Shergroup Enforcement has a solution for you. You can either:
  • use our High Court Enforcement Agents acting under the authority of an appointed High Court Enforcement Officer for judgments over £600 in value*, or;
  • you can use our field agent teams covering the UK for any judgment which cannot be enforced in the High Court
Through this section of our website you can have access to the services of our authorised High Court enforcement officer, and a national team of enforcement agents acting under her authority. Claire Sandbrook is a leading figure in the world of High Court enforcement services having trailblazed many of the initiatives you see today used by High Court enforcement agents. Services such as transferring judgments, providing universal online coverage across all 105 postcodes in England and Wales, as well as working to clear standards in health and safety and insurance risks have all been developed through the Shergroup brand.

Today, Shergroup continues to source the "best of breed" in enforcement service delivery. Working with an experienced enforcement agent team, and an internal fulfilment team with over 150 years of service to the High Court system of enforcement, Shergroup looks to achieve a quality result for its clients in the enforcement of the court's judgment.

Our enforcement agents have been chosen to for their tenacity, professional and balanced approach to the job that they do. The work of the enforcement agents is supported by award winning customer service programmes in which we put our users at the centre of our service delivery. By choosing Shergroup as your High Court Enforcement provider you will be accessing our experience, systems, and customer service which is designed to support you through the enforcement process.

All you have to do is register as a user of our services, and then you can access our online forms and payment system.

What does it cost?
The upfront cost to one off users is £156 which covers the cost of the fee we pay to the High Court to seal the document which gives the High Court Enforcement Officer the authority to enforce your judgment. That document is called a Writ of Control. This fee covers :
  • a statutory compliance fee of £90 which covers the initial work of the High Court Enforcement Officer - if the debtor pays all the fees this sum will be returned to you. If the debtor doesn’t pay all the fees then we will send you an invoice for this fee, marked as paid, and our file will be closed
  • the fee to the High Court on sealing the High Court Writ of Control of £66

Once you pay these fees you are on your way to seeing an outcome from your litigation. The strategy is simple – to get you your money wherever possible using the power of the High Court Writ of Control, or if we can’t do that, then to negotiate with your debtor to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Who regulates Shergroup?
And if you are concerned about how we achieve a successful outcome rest assured our business is highly regulated and we operate both under the auspices of the Lord Chancellor, and the Financial Conduct Authority.

*Statutory provisions mean we can't use our High Court enforcement agents for judgments under €600 in value or judgments which are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. For these judgments we recommend switching to our "Recovery Agent" service to give you a nationwide field and telephone collection service based on debt collection and negotiation rather than taking legal control of goods.

My judgment is outside England and Wales?
Don't worry we have you covered. We can offer you an enforcement service across the British Isles including Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Eire and even further afield. In fact, Shergroup Enforcement prides itself on finding you an enforcement solution anywhere on the planet. Using a combination of reciprocal treaties or collection strategies we have a way to reach your debtor in any part of the world.

Next steps
Please feel free to discuss the judgment you have and how we can help without obligation. Call or contact us now. We are here to help!

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Worried about travellers on your land?
At Shergroup our enforcement and security divisions have a wealth of experience to help you control who you want to come on to your land, and remove those that you don't.