Claire Sandbrook
Other Ways to Enforce Your Money Judgment
At Shergroup Enforcement we can certainly improve your odds of winning but sometimes people just don’t have the money or any assets to give you the necessary leverage to compel them to pay you.

We will ask you to make a small investment in a court fee or a fixed price management fee for our time in helping you. These fees are payable regardless of whether you end up getting paid.

To take your next step look at the options below and choose the option which you think fits your debtor’s situation. Then just register or sign in as our customer, and then complete our easy online form. We will then pick up your instruction and contact you to check the form to ensure it is correct and confirm our fixed price service for each option.

Does Your Debtor Have a Job?
If so you can use an Attachment of Earnings Order to deduct your debt by instalments automatically from salary
Does Your Debtor Own Property?
If so you can use a Charging Order to secure your debt against that property
Does Your Debtor Have a Bank Account?
If so you can use a Third Party Debt Order to pay you
Not Sure What To Do?
Don't worry, just sign up to our service, tell us about your judgment and we can advise you on your next option

And if you want more information or to check out any details you can contact us on all our open channels
We will solve your query and soon put you on the road to recovery!