Claire Sandbrook
Protect Your Property Without Frills
At Shergroup we know many of our property clients need professional eviction management so Shergroup Enforcement has developed a "no frills" eviction management service.

For an all-inclusive fee and a guaranteed service level, Shergroup will transfer your order for possession to the High Court and complete the date of the eviction on what we like to call

Your Day | Your Way

You tell us when you want the eviction carried out and we make the appointment to fit your timeline.

We can arrange everything you need. Locksmiths, agents to sign that possession has been given and a photographic record of events.

To find out our pricing and date we can offer you for your next eviction contact us TODAY to discuss your requirements on

+ 44 (0) 845 890 9200

and if you want to instruct us now go on and register as a customer and then complete our online form designed for property enforcement. We would like to see a copy of your Order so please scan and upload this as part of your instruction.

Please note that we will review your information and tell you how your options for enforcement once we see your Order. Occasionally we can't transfer the Order so take advantage of all our experience to help you to the next stage.
Worried about travellers on your land?
At Shergroup our enforcement and security divisions have a wealth of experience to help you control who you want to come on to your land, and remove those that you don't.