Claire Sandbrook
Shergroup Associations
High Court Enforcement Officers Association
Our in-house authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, Claire Sandbrook is a past Chair of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association. She held the post between 2008 and 2010.

In her period of tenure she is credited for setting up a number of initiatives for members including the start of the Association’s education programme in conjunction with the CICM, making members aware of the court’s approach to fees, streamlining the complaints process as required by the 2004 High Court Enforcement Officers Regulations 2004 and working with Government on its review of fees for the changes to the law which led to the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013.

If you wish to use Claire’s name on any High Court Writ of Execution please set it out in full as

Claire Louise Sandbrook

Claire is available for consultancy work and training and presenting on the work of High Court Enforcement Officers and travels extensively in her role as Shergroup CEO to promote her passion for outstanding business solutions – of which enforcement remains her firm favourite.

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