The Lessons to be Learned From Sandy Hook

Here at Shergroup we couldn't let the dreadful events at Sandy Hook, Connecticut, go by without a few words.

Firstly we want to send our deepest condolences to the people of Sandy Hook. We cannot begin to understand the depth of hopelessness and despair that the parents of the children killed can be feeling, along with those brave teachers who sheltered their charges in a vain attempt to protect them from the bullets of one lone gunman.

And of course in the US this outrage opens up very raw feelings on the use of guns and whether the current system allows tragedies such as the one witnessed here to happen.

For us here at Shergroup we are too new to the culture of gun use to understand the arguments for and against the licensing of firearms. As it is, at the present time we are setting up our first armed guard division because there is a need in the security industry for guards to be armed. We hope those guns will never have to be used in the line of duty, but we accept their use is inevitable. We can ensure through training and support that guns are only ever used for the correct reasons and in the correct way.

On the wider debate on gun licensing, it will be for the American people, through their government and officials, to decide on future gun policies going forward, and as with any BIG government decision this may be a question of tiny steps rather than overwhelming reform.

And whilst we all wait for that decision we should be asking ourselves what we can do as citizens, either in America, the UK or anywhere else in the world, to avoid the sort of tragedy that saw a young disturbed person murder 26 innocent people.

In our communities, homes and families we can teach respect for human life, we can teach respect for the authority of our teachers and we can control what our kids absorb into their young psyches.

We can also look at our neighbours and offer support for our mentally ill - something which we know in the UK is overlooked as an almost invisible problem and which time and time again leads to tragedies involving a fatality.

There are no easy answers to the massacre at Sandy Hook, or Dunblane or Hungerford. But there are lessons to be learned and it will take the will of the politicians and those in positions of influence to recognise that these tragedies need to be stopped.

While we wait for governments to grapple with that reality we must ask ourselves what we can do to protect our children, our teachers and each other from an evil which should not happen but which sadly inevitably will. God bless the people of Sandy Hook.

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