Shergroup Takes on First Apprentices

Shergroup UK has seen its first apprentices take up their new roles in Shergroup House, Braintree, Essex and has been delighted by the success of the scheme.

The idea to take on apprentices has been an easy one to make, as the company has a strong ethos of developing subject matter experts through long-standing employees.

As Shergroup CEO, Claire Sandbrook, recently said, "We see the recruitment of apprentices as part of our support for this great initiative to give people a chance at working in a real environment where they can gain skills to make them more marketable in the future. Without experience we know we are all stuck on being able to write a CV with credible work experience".

The apprentices are working with well-established Shergroup staff on a range of administrative tasks designed to give them a variety of skills, from data entry to handling visitors.

As Sandbrook says, sometimes you learn things in the workplace that you can’t learn at college or from your parents. You just have to learn from on-the-job training.

With 32 years of experience in office life, and being a national award winner aged just 18 for legal secretarial work, she says she knows how difficult it can be to speak to a boss, interact with clients and handle deadlines.

With the success of its first apprentices now up and running, Shergroup plans to extend the scheme to people wanting to train to be security and enforcement officers.

For more information about Shergroup’s Apprentice Scheme please email

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