Hobo Hilton gets the Big Brother Treatment

Squatters at the infamous Hobo Hilton, situated in London's High Holborn, close to the Old Bailey and St Paul's, received the Shergroup Enforcement star treatment in November when they were evicted.

Just 10 officers from Shergroup's elite "orange vests" evicted squatters from the posh London address, which was in fact a former telephone exchange.

Supported by up to 14 units from the Metropolitan Police, Shergroup completed the eviction process in 8 hours.

One senior police officer kindly took the time to write to the Shergroup team to comment that it was "probably the smoothest eviction [he] had ever been involved in". Needless to say senior Shergroup Officers were delighted to receive a pat on the back from a senior officer within the Met itself.

With the squatters themselves filming the eviction, it was also great to see long-standing "Shergroupian", David Asker, described as "cheerful and pleasant enough" by one of the squatters who was behind the camera.

As the eviction began, it is fair to say matters did become a little more heated, with David Asker losing the glasses off the end of his nose!

But that said, there was no reportable injury and the squatters gave up their rights once it was clear the law was going to overtake them.

What isn't known about these large-scale evictions is the planning that goes into them to ensure they are as risk-free as possible for all the people involved, including perhaps most importantly the squatters themselves.

Police and enforcement teams scrutinise operational plans to ensure every conceivable risk is anticipated and planned for before entry teams begin the forced process to access the building.

With yet another eviction under its belt, the Shergroup TEAM is now working somewhere in deepest, darkest England on another major project.

If you would like information on how to use Shergroup as part of your enforcement/security response contact the team on 0845 890 9200 or email your enquiry to enquiries@shergroup.net.

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