First US Security Guards Hit the Streets in Florida

Shergroup is proud to announce that its new security officer livery is now building its presence on the streets of Orlando as Shergroup Security begins taking on new contracts for US customers.

With its smart badge reflecting the elements of human resource, effective technology, balanced implementation and a global perspective, Shergroup is growing its rank and file of professional officers with years of experience in the US military, police and security sectors.

The attractiveness of working for Shergroup is, for many of the company's recruits, the availability of training and accreditation, which is so often lacking in competitors’ businesses.

Shergroup is combining the best of the US and UK security industries in its domestic and international security offering.

As CEO Claire Sandbrook explains, it is this winning combination that so many of our American contacts really take on board. Being naturally determined to be the best, there is no doubt that Americans are looking for the best in standards - and the UK standard works very well for the US market.

Likewise, Sandbrook is enjoying her new challenge of building a business in a tough market, especially as so many Americans are genuinely interested in finding out what sets Shergroup apart from their current providers.

"We are having to hustle", Sandbrook says, "and you don't get anything by sitting still and hoping for the phone to ring. As such, we are out on the street promoting our badge and our standards, and people like it. It's why I came to America - to do something different and exciting - and I haven't been disappointed".

To find out more about what Shergroup Security can do to protect your business or people, either in the US or UK, or further afield, contact us at

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